Timing system parts

For a complete timing system you need the following:

  • Decoder: You need as many decoders as the number of sectors you want to have in your circuit. If you need lap timing only then you need one decoder. The hardware is capable of handling more sectors. Please check the software of your choice if it is able to handle sector timing!
  • Transponder: You need one transponder for every kart you wish to time.
  • Loop cable: One loop cable is needed for every decoder
  • Network cable: Mounted outdoor network cables are available in 25m and 100m length. You can choose to buy only the outdoor network connector if you wish to mount your own cable in the length of your choice. One cable is needed for each decoder.
  • Power supply: The decoder receives power on the LAN connector. If your switch or router is PoE capable then you do not need additional power supply! You can use your own PoE injector if you wish. We recommend TP-Link.

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